Meet the Team

Joshua Jagid

Chief Executive Officer

As Quantum 3 Media’s CEO, Joshua helps to develop, manage, and execute the company’s strategic direction. He is deeply involved in all aspects of the communications process with key customers and partners helping to convey the company’s primary philosophies, which focus on Commitment, Compliance, and Quality. He is very active in new business development and works closely with clients to ensure that all needs are met in a timely and professional manner. Prior to co-founding Q3M, Josh spent the last 18 years operating businesses in the direct to consumer performance marketing space. In 1996, he co-founded Intersections, Inc., the leader in the direct-to-consumer Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring sector. After going public, Josh left Intersections and went on to co-found and operate businesses in the direct-to-consumer space focusing on online lead generation, sales center and performance marketing. Josh completed his undergraduate studies at Tulane university, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and Finance.

PJ Quiros

Chief Operating Officer

PJ joined the Q3M’s Executive Team in 2015 after spending most of his career building and managing several insurance contact centers throughout the US and Internationally. His main objective in joining Q3M was to bring his several years of contact center expertise with several fortune 500 companies in the telecom industry and most recently building contact centers across the east coast for large insurance agency’s in the nation. Responsible for as many as 900 licensed insurance agents across several locations worldwide, PJ has extensive knowledge in turning lower producing sales centers into flagship centers within its vertical.Along with his track record of cultivating environments that exceed overall business needs, PJ also perfected a blueprint for company’s scaling sales centers from 10 to 600 agents. His drive and passion for the insurance industry lends itself to his expertise in marketing, business development, compliance and data analysis. PJ’s ‘secret sauce’ for success is his belief in creating a culture that is sustainable for anyone and everyone that desires success.Prior to joining Q3M, PJ worked for Tranzact in their corporate office in Fort Lee, New Jersey then relocating to several states across the east coast, in order to build Tranzact’s insurance sales centers.

Michael Casty


As Co-Founder and President of Quantum 3 Media, Michael satisfies the company’s financial health and obligations. He spends most of his time with the day-to-day finances of the company, managing invoicing, collections, cash flow management and general banking activities. Along with Michael’s contributions to the company’s strategic growth and trajectory, his 20+ years of experience as an Entrepreneur has given him the ability to cultivate long term banking relationships to facilitate things like working capital lines of credit and other facilities. Michael started his career in the entertainment business. By securing funding, he was able to build a production company where he successfully filmed a pilot for a new extreme sports concept which was then sold to ESPN. Most recently, Michael owned and operated a boutique investment banking firm focused in the 5-10M private placement sector of the market

Adam McGuire


Adam McGuire is the Head of Technology at Quantum 3 Media. As the leader of Q3M Technology, Adam leads a team of information technology professionals who help keep Q3M at the forefront of America’s diversified lead generation & sales companies. Under his leadership, technology team members are executing an engineering-led IT strategy to deliver stable, secure, scalable and innovative services that provide Q3M customers a seamless and unified digital experience.

Adam plays a critical role in the execution of Q3M’s strategy where technology is a key element of the company’s customer and team member experience and growth agenda. He is instrumental in driving the company’s efforts to become a leader in delivering high quality leads into valuable sales at the right cost.

Prior to joining Q3M in November 2021, Adam was Senior Technology Manager of the Client Digital Wealth Investment Management platforms at Wells Fargo. Adam completed his undergraduate studies at Charlotte University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Software Information Systems. He is Married with 3 daughters and based in Charlotte, NC.

Kimberly Saxton

Director of Human Resources

Kimberly is a HR professional with over 25 years of Human Resource and Leadership experience. She joined Quantum3media in September 2021 as the Human Resource Director. Prior to joining Q3M, Kimberly managed the Human Resources function in an Insurance Agency. Her expertise includes call center management, compliance and best practices, HR infrastructure, recruiting, employee life cycle needs, and policy and procedures. Kimberly graduated from Shaw University with a degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s in Business Administration from The University of Phoenix

Mary Ann Quiros

Vice President of Operations

Quantum’s continued growth and success are the direct results of the company’s environment that is centered on employee growth and development. Mary Ann has built around scalable, practical processes and has successfully executed policies to support the unique and dynamic needs of the business from Talent Acquisition, Sales and Compliance, to Leadership Training and Employee Relations. Her 10+ years of management experience and her innate ability to empower people now translate into the overall company’s culture that is founded on the principles of generativity, funneled to the other members of the Management Team, to the most important asset of the organization, its Employees.Mary Ann has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Training. She is a global leader. Mary Ann has served as a University Counselor for many years. She has worked with international organizations; HSBC- United Kingdom, as Operations Manager; and as a Sales Manager with Epixtar, Philippines.

Jeff Celentano

Director of Data Analysis and Account Management

Jeff joined Q3M in 2019 and currently manages the data analytics team as well as handles key client account relationships. Jeff’s data analysis team is responsible for compiling and providing the reports that help optimize key aspects of Q3M’s performance. He also interacts with Q3M’s clients to ensure that all of their needs are well understood and met. Prior to joining the team, Jeff held various positions at organizations within the online marketing space, including as an operations manager at TranSend Inc, a leading direct-to-consumer lead generation and advertising company specializing in online marketing.

Alex Poole

Director of Digital Marketing

Alex joined Quantum 3 Media to lead the direct mail, email and digital marketing division. He joined the team with nearly a decade of marketing experience. His success driven marketing style has made him a prefect addition to the team. Prior to joining Quantum 3 Media, Alex worked at Robins Financial Credit Union where he was responsible for managing the direct mail program, among other marketing initiatives. Alex graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Economics and from Middle Georgia State University with a degree in IT.

Reese Spector

Director of Web Development

Reese joined Quantum 3 Media to take on and digitally support the expansion of Q3M. With almost a decade of experience in Web Design, he boasts a wide variety of skills including Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Digital Media Design. His most notable project is the creation and development of sites for companies providing PPE during the pandemic, with over $15M in sales going through sites he’s created every year. With his variety of skills, he makes a valuable asset to the Quantum 3 Media toolbelt.

Bryan Bottorff

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Bryan joined Quantum 3 Media in March of 2021 to help the team build out their reporting and analytics, lead routing, and web applications. He brings nearly 5 years of SaaS sales experience, with 3 in the AdTech space, and 1 year of software engineering experience to the team. Previously, Bryan spent time at PX and Sisense, then made the career change to software engineering when Covid hit to pursue his passion of programming. Bryan graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Psychology and completed the Immersive Software Engineering Program at Flatiron School.

James Oyola

Vice President, Training and Development

James is a Call Center: Six Sigma Green Belt, published author and award-winning (Sprint Wireless, 2017), nationally recognized (Newsweek, 2020 and 2022) end-to-end customer acquisition, e-commerce, and direct distribution expert in a multi-center (domestic and international) environment. James was also awarded a “Building Strong Relationships” plaque from The Home Depot for his efforts as their BPO partner in 2019.

With over 18 years of experience, James has excelled as a Site Director, Operations Manager, Director of Quality Assurance and Senior Director of Training for BPO contact centers with up to 900 employees, leading to his brand management expertise. James holds vast knowledge in client relations, international leadership, business development activities and employee empowerment. He has worked with business clients such as, Sprint Wireless, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, and The Home Depot – The Company Store. James prides himself on strong leadership skills via three muscle movements: Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution. He has also been writing for over 20 years, including the publishing of his first book, “Get Out of Your Own Way” in 2015. James spent eight years as a Sportswriter providing services for the likes of CBS Interactive, and the Miami Heat Group.

James is married and has four children. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and has an Associate of Arts Degree. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Sociology, at Florida Atlantic University, as well as his MHCFR (Mental Health Coach – First Responder Training) certification from Light University.