Rebuttal List


• We are here to review your options so that you can make the best decision for
you and your family when the time is right.

• I understand your concern, but at some point, you or someone who cares about
you opted to receive information regarding your Medicare Insurance options. My
goal is to get you to a Medicare Specialist so they can provide you with all your
available options. Just to confirm….

• I assure you we are not a scam. We work with the top Medicare Insurance
companies across the United States. I am going to connect you to the best
licensed agent in your area. Just to confirm…..

• I understand that you have taken care of your plan, however, there may be
benefits that you might not be aware of, like transportation, meals on wheels, and
over the counter products, just to name a few.

• Those are good benefits (if the lead is naming what they have) but companies do
offer different plans at different rates!

• I understand, I am here to make sure you are receiving all the benefits that you
may be entitled to.

• I understand. Another great benefit (if the lead does not pay for his/her
medicines) is having your prescriptions delivered. I know it would be great to
receive your prescriptions right to your doorstep.

• I understand, but you have worked extremely hard to receive Medicare, you may
be entitled to benefits that you are not receiving.

• Companies do offer different plans at different rates! There may be options that
can save you more money. I would like to get you over to my best agent to
review those options.

• The licensed agents can review your Medicare options, there may be some
benefits that you are not receiving.

• We are here to see if there are any plans that can provide you with more
coverage or less deductibles. All I have do is to confirm a couple of pieces of
information that we already have.

• There have been many changes in healthcare in the last year and a half, it
doesn’t hurt to take a few moments out of your day to check and see what has
changed and available to you that you can take advantage of at this time.

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